Rower Drop Off:
The best place to drop off your rower is in the drop off zone at the Race Barricade  (stay to the right) by Strawberry Mansion Drive.  Drivers will then be directed to rejoin traffic up the Stawberry Mansion Drive hill.  Do not make a U-turn on Kelly Drive!

Rowers and coxswains will follow the path towards the Radnor trailer. The trailer is typically located in the parking lot between between the Temple University Boathouse and the St. Joe’s Boathouse.

Note: Spectators with limited mobility (not great on hills or uneven surfaces), may be dropped off here as well.

Food Drop Off:
If you have food for the tent, you can drop it off at the same entrance gate as the athlete drop off, and one of the golf cart drivers will deliver it to the Radnor Crew tent.  Please make sure you label it RADNOR GIRLS CREW CLUB.  Note that the drivers cannot give non-staff a ride (insurance reasons).

Drivers continue up the hill and turn onto Edgley Drive. This is the best place to find street parking. It provides the most direct route to the Radnor Tent via Boxer’s Trail.

Once on Boxer's Trail, follow trail down to Kelly Drive.  Continue to river bank and Radnor Tent is usually between the two landmarks -  Painted Pole and the Painted Steps.

Note:  You may take one of the less traveled paths from the parking lot down to the river but be advised – many are steep and involve navigating tree roots, etc. Definitely not recommended for those unsteady on their feet or carrying items in their hands.

Shuttles and Remote Parking:

  • There are 2 paid parking lots and shuttles  ($20 cash only) located on map here

Rmote parking and shuttles will not be available until the second flick on March 26.   Beginning with the second Flick, Parking Shuttles will travel a continuous loop from the Paid Parking Lots down to the river bank. Anyone may hail the shuttle while walking. This is a great option for unsteady walkers or those not in a hurry. Build in extra time if you plan to take the shuttle.