For those of you who are veterans, you've been bitten by the bug and are hooked: You have our utmost respect. It takes a tremendous amount of discipline and energy to row six days a week. For those fresh faces in the crowd, you are about to begin a new, different, unpredictable and always exciting experience—one that can leave a lasting impact on your life.

About RGCC
In the spring of 1996, two Radnor High School students expressed interest in forming a crew club. With the help of a crew coach from Villanova University as well as the support of RHS staff, parents and students, a team was born.

Today, RGCC is recognized as a club sport with the endorsement of RHS. We are supported through seasonal dues and fundraising, and we are governed by a board composed of parent volunteers. The involvement of our parents is critical to the continued success of our club. Parent meetings are held monthly during the school year.

RGCC races in boats with eight seats and four seats (categorized as "sweep" rowing) in several racing categories, including freshman, novice, junior varsity and varsity. Within some of those categories, we also row in the lightweight division during the spring season. Each of our boats has a coxswain (or "cox"), who sits in the back and controls the boat as well as directs and motivates the rowers.

For rowing terminology and other helpful information about the sport, we encourage you to review Crew Parenting 101.